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Products and Services

Systems Specialties, Inc. is a full service overhead crane and hoist supplier. The following is a brief list of quality products and services we offer at competitive prices to crane and hoist users in the Southeastern United States.

Overhead Cranes:

Bridge cranes and crane systems specifically designed to meet your needs and duty requirements of either light or heavy application.

Repairs And Maintenance:

Complete preventative maintenance plans for low cost scheduled Maintenance that meets and exceeds all OSHA requirements Including lubrication and adjustments.


OSHA and ANSI required inspections that meet all code requirements.


Operational and load testing on existing and new equipment installations.

Control Upgrades:

Radio remote controls and ergonomic push button stations that greatly increase production and reduce fatigue.

Electrical Mods:

Variable frequency speed controls and festoon systems that can increase the reliability and performance of older electrical systems.

Capacity Mods:

Structural and mechanical modification to increase the capacity of existing cranes and support structures.

Ergonomic Handling:

Cranes and hoists designed to substantially reduce repetitive lifting injuries and increase efficiency in production areas.

Support Steel:

Crane runways and monorails complete support steel and all required electrification custom designed for your building.


Under hook devices such as slings, chains and lifting attachments designed for your custom application.

Parts and Distribution:

Parts and Components for all brands of Material Handling Systems


Experienced Shop personnel capable of building a variety of Systems


Experienced Crews capable of Installing systems in a safe and efficient manner

Custom Materials Handling Systems - Our Specialty….:

we specialize in the design of a system to meet the specific needs of our customers’ demanding applications.

Used Equipment:

A variety of used material handling equipment that can greatly reduce initial investment cost and shorten long delivery lead times.

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